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5 best things to do outdoors in newcastle upon tyne

North East England is known for its long, harsh winters, but when spring arrives, the region transforms into a playground for outdoor lovers. From hundreds of miles of breathtaking coastline to stunning countryside vistas, the region is defined by natural beauty. Sitting at the heart of the north east, the city of Newcastle upon Tyne offers endless activities for those looking to make the most of the long, sunny days that are abundant up here in the summer months.

With the warmer, brighter weather settling in, I can’t get enough of the outdoors. I am constantly exploring new parts of this region and looking for fun things to do outside. There are plenty of things to do outdoors in Newcastle, and the city also serves as a perfect launch pad to any of the best places the region has to offer. 

Here are the 5 best things to do outdoors in Newcastle upon Tyne!

1. Have a picnic in Exhibition Park

exhibition park

Exhibition Park is located within Newcastle’s Town Moor, which is an area of common land covering 1,000 acres just north of the city centre. The park is a favourite for locals who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the centre in search of some quiet and green space.

Located within the park are Wylam Brewery, a playground, skatepark and plenty of grassy spaces for playing games or simply relaxing in the sunshine. It also makes the perfect place for a picnic on a warm summer day. Stop by any of the small, local shops in the adjacent Jesmond neighborhood to pick up bites and drinks for your picnic. You’ll be guaranteed to have a fantastic meal al fresco!

2. Ride bikes along Newcastle’s Quayside

The Tyne River runs directly through Newcastle, separating north east England from the south. This area is special anytime of year, but when the temperature warms and the sun comes out, this section of the city, known as the Quayside, truly comes alive. A dual-purpose walking and bike path stretches in both directions along the river making it the perfect place to go for a walk or a bike ride. The Quayside is lined with restaurants, cafes and beer gardens and is the other heart of the city along with the centre.

My favourite way to explore this area is by bike, either going on leisurely rides to café hop, or taking more adventurous routes east all the way to the coast, or west to explore the countryside. If you want to hire a bike, The Cycle Hub is located on the Quayside and offers daily bike rentals in addition to a offering cool riverside cafe with a patio and a bike repair shop.

3. Go surfing at the beach


When I first moved to England, I was stunned to experience the wild beauty of the coast. Sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, high dunes with beach grass swaying in the breeze are the defining characteristics of the coast here. Something else that surprised me in the north east was the surfing culture! While I’ve traveled to many parts of the world, I underestimated the North East and never would have guessed how strong the surf culture was in England.

Head out to the coastal town of Tynemouth where you can visit the picturesque Longsands Beach and take surfing lessons or rent surf gear at Tynemouth Surf Co. After your surfing session, go for some fish and chips right on the beach at Crusoe’s or head down the road for a pint at the Surf Café to really immerse yourself in the surf culture. 

4. Visit the Angel of the North

angel of the north

The Angel of the North is the symbol of the North East region situated just south of the Tyne River in Gateshead. Located about 6 miles from Newcastle, the angel can be easily accessed by car, bus or bike. This famous sculpture stands at 20 metres tall and is one of the top things to do in the north east, and a must-see for those traveling in the UK.

It’s a short visit to see the angel, and the site is entirely outdoors, making it a perfect outdoor activity. On sunny days the angel stands especially proud, presiding over the vast English countryside.

5. Take an evening stroll through Newcastle

tyne bridge newcastle

I’m currently experiencing my first summer in the north east and the part that has captivated me the most about this area at this time of year are the endless days. In June, the sun rises around 4:20 in the mornings and sets around 22:20 in the evenings which means there are a LOT of hours of light.

As a result, I find myself wanting to be outdoors all the time to make the most of the never-ending hours of sun. One of the best ways to soak up all the light is to take evening strolls through the city where you can take in the local culture as the sun makes its way down for a few short hours.

Exploring the UK has been a big part of my European travel, especially during the last year while I’ve called Newcastle home. England has many beautiful places to offer, however I’ve fallen in love with the North East’s variety of city life, countryside, and coastline. If you are a fan of the outdoors, you’ll find no shortage of fun activities in Newcastle and the surrounding areas to keep you entertained all summer long!

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