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5 Unique Places to Visit in North East England

As one of the hidden gems of England, the North East is full of rich history, rugged coastlines and wild open spaces.

There is so much to explore, from the vibrant and well-situated Newcastle, to coastal and country day trips. As someone who currently calls Newcastle home, I’ve been fortunate to explore much of the area beyond what the typical tourist sees, and have compiled a list of incredible places to include in your next visit to North East England.

Here are 5 unique places to visit in North East England!

1. Newcastle upon Tyne

When planning a trip to North East England, no trip is complete without a visit to Newcastle. A vibrant city at the heart of Geordieland, Newcastle is rich with history, Geordie culture, sports, universities and nightlife. While it’s a fantastic destination in its own right, it’s also a perfect launchpad to the surrounding region of Northumberland, which is full of many additional treasures for the adventurous traveler. Newcastle is a totally different vibe from the South, and home to the self-proclaimed friendliest people in England.

2. Tynemouth

If you are looking to explore the coast, Tynemouth is a perfect place to start. Situated about ten miles East of Newcastle, Tynemouth is where the Tyne river meets the sea, and is a a classic English coastal town with beautiful beaches, a surprisingly vibrant surf community and rich history. Tynemouth is easily accessible by train, metro or bus from Newcastle, allowing visitors to quickly get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into a quaint coastal village. Make sure to try some of the bangin’ fish and chips from one of the many seaside restaurants, while taking in breathtaking views of the North Sea. If you are brave, join the hearty locals and go for a dip in the chilly waters off Longsands beach!

3. Souter Lighthouse and the Leas

About six miles south of Tynemouth is Souter Lighthouse and the Leas. This wild stretch of grasslands, rugged coastlines and an iconic lighthouse is a must for any nature lover. While the land is managed by the UK National Trust, access is free to wander the miles of trails throughout this pristine land. Climbing the lighthouse requires a National Trust membership or paying an access fee. Public transportation makes this a very accessible destination, with frequent buses running from nearby South Shields. A spectacular seaside escape, this area has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit in North East England.

4. Cragside

Another one of the many hidden gems in North East England is Cragside. About an hour north of Newcastle, Cragside is another site managed by the UK National Trust, and guests can enter the grounds with either a UK National Trust pass or pay the required entry fee. Cragside is an old Victorian mansion situated deep in the countryside that is illuminated by hydro-electricity and powered by hydraulics. Considered to be Britain’s original smart home, the house is a true engineering feat. In addition to the house, explore the grounds which include beautiful trails, a forest with imported North American trees and a lovely rock garden. For a countryside escape and a unique historical visit, add Cragside to your next itinerary.

5. Lindisfarne Castle

Lastly, rounding out the list is Lindisfarne Castle, which is located just south of the Scottish border. Another site managed by the National Trust, this impressive castle is a bit off the beaten path and most easily accessible by car. The castle is situated on the Holy Island and access is tide-dependent. Check the tide schedules and reserve your tickets in advance, as it’s only possible to cross by car or foot twice daily.

I have been fortunate to call the North East home for the past couple of months, and am already blown away by the richness and beauty of the area. While many visitors limit their stay to the South, the North East is a hidden gem that should not be missed. While I’ve spent years embarking on various adventures in Europe, this is my first time exploring this beautiful region and I’ve only scratched the surface. Keep checking back for more updates on the best places to visit in North East England!


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