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European Foods You Need to Try: Fish and Chips

The February edition of European foods comes to us from North East England. Although it doesn’t originate from a culinary powerhouse, this simple and delicious British food staple is beloved in England and has won the world over, easily carving it’s place within the global food scene.

Featured Food:

Fish and Chips

Country of Origin:


What Is It?

While English food is not usually the main reason tourists visit the island nation, England is famous around the world for its fish and chips. Fresh fish lightly battered and fried then placed on a pile of crispy chips (or fries) makes up this classic English dish. Mix it up with gravy or curry on top, or eat it in its original form with a squeeze of lemon and dash of malt vinegar. However you choose to eat them, this is always a winning dish.

Why Is It Awesome?

Fried fish and crispy chips. That’s it. The genius lies in the simplicity with this one, and it’s no surprise this is one of the best foods in England, beloved by locals and foreigners alike. I had a fairly neutral opinion on this stereotypical dish before moving to the UK, however I have now experienced just how awesome they can be when prepared the right way. I’m spoiled living in Newcastle upon Tyne, where I have easy access to fish and chips made with fresh, local fish hauled straight from the north sea. Walk by any local chippy shop in Newcastle or the surrounding areas in North East England and the aroma alone will lure you in. Although cliché, this is is definitely the best dish in England.

Where Can You Find It?

Finding fish and chips in England is as easy as stopping by the local pub or chippy. You can get them everywhere! However, finding the best ones requires more effort. If you want the best quality and most authentic, go to the coast. Fresh fish is the key! Try ordering from a takeaway restaurant to enjoy a tasty picnic and seaside views. While you can enjoy them practically anywhere, this is my favorite way to indulge in them, and one of the many reasons I love heading to the coast whenever I get the chance.

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