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European Desserts You Need to Try: Mille Feuille Ispahan

Featuring: Mille Feuille Ispahan

European dessert / French pastry "Mille Feuille Ispahan"

What Is It?

The Mille Feuille, or “1000 Sheets” is one of the oldest, most classic French desserts that you can find in almost any French patisserie. The traditional Mille Feuille is a buttery, flaky, puff pastry treat with the texture similar to an extra crispy croissant. Delicious pastry cream is wedged between the sheets creating an incredible blend of texture and flavor that is quintessentially French.

Why Is It Awesome?

If you are looking for spectacular desserts that blend art, flavor and immaculate attention to detail, look no further than Paris. If you want to try something that takes it to the next level, you need to try Monsieur Pierre Hermé himself, the world’s best pastry chef, also known as the Picasso of Pastry, and the creator of the Mille Feuille Ispahan.

This modern, springtime take on the original dessert is a thing of beauty. Pierre’s version of the classic pastry infuses an elegant rose flavor into the luscious cream, fresh raspberries, and an actual rose petal delicately placed on top for garnish. His use of the freshest ingredients and beautiful balancing of this unusual combination of flavors brings this masterpiece to life in a way only the French can.

Where Can You Find It?

You can find a classic Mille Feuille at nearly any French patisserie, however the Mille Feuille Ispahan can be found at the incredible 86 Champs Pierre Hermé x L’Occitane en Provence concept shop and café located in Paris.

CERIE’S DESSERT ADVENTURES IN EUROPE | As a traveler with a sweet tooth, I am always on the lookout for a sweet treat to indulge in when visiting new places, and the incredible desserts throughout Europe are one of my favorite parts about European travel. Throughout all of my travels, I’ve found that nothing compares to the beauty and pure indulgence of European desserts, and it’s nearly impossible for me to enter a bakery without tasting one of the enticing treats behind the counter. This recurring piece features my favorite finds, and some of the best desserts in Europe.

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