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Summer in Europe: 10 Ideas for Your Next Trip

As the weather gets warmer and the days longer, my mind always drifts to thoughts of the long, sun-drenched days of an endless summer of adventures in Europe.

Although I love all things about European travel and consider anytime of year a good time to take a trip across the pond, there is something so sacred about European summers. With so many different countries and things to do during a summer holiday, there is something for everyone to enjoy whether you are looking to explore cities, relax by the seaside, party til dawn, indulge in wellness travel or simply retreat to the countryside.

The long days under the sun, slower pace, and easy-going lifestyle are what I love most this time of year, and what keep me coming back for more.

While there are things to love about each country throughout the year, I believe that summer is truly the best time to visit Europe.

As you plan your own summer in Europe, here are 10 ideas for your next trip.

1. Sip rosé in the south of France

glass of rosé wine by the ocean

Nothing says summer like sitting on the beach the Côte d’Azur, looking out at the crystal blue waters the Mediterranean and sipping iced cold rosé. Take the advice of the French by slowing down and savoring the finer things in life. As a big fan of European wines (especially rosé in summer) and someone who is happiest by the sea, this is my idea of a perfect summer day in Europe.

2. Go to a beach party in Ibiza

pool party in Spain

Looking for a party while spending your summer in Europe? Look no further than Ibiza, Spain. If you are anything like me and are not totally into nightclubs, you can go for the day club scene instead. Beach club parties are the thing to do on the white island, and the party goes all day long while you dance, sing and sip your drink by the pool under the hot Spanish sun.

3. Take a hike in Tenerife

postcards of nature in Spain

Do you prefer spending your summers in nature rather than partying til dawn? Spain also has something for you. A short flight from mainland Europe brings you to the Canary Islands, a part of Spain and home to the island of Tenerife. This rugged, volcanic island is a nature lover’s dream and home to 5 microclimates giving you a truly unique experience. Hike the volcanic El Teide, the highest point in Spain, to get up above the clouds and take in spectacular views.

4. Spend endless days in the Danish countryside

europe countryside

If you are looking for a different kind of summer holiday and hoping to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and packed beaches, head north to Denmark’s beautiful countryside. Denmark does not often make the lists of best European summer destinations, but I think it’s a hidden gem if you are looking to visit Europe in summer. You’ll have light for nearly 24 hours of the day, giving you a truly endless summer feeling experience. In addition to the long days full of light, you’ll also get to experience the lovely Danish way of life, and “summer hygge”, or coziness, that the happiest country in the world achieves by savoring the sweet days of summer for all that they offer.

5. Catch some big waves in Portugal

beach in portugal

The first time I visited southern Portugal, I was surprised to go to the beach and see waves that looked like something you’d only see in Hawaii. The wild Algarve is a perfect getaway for active travelers and those who wish to spend time in nature away from the noise of city life.

6. Eat gelato every day

One of my favorite things about European summer is indulging in gelato every day. Gelato is one of my favorite European desserts, and although it’s an Italian speciality, this refreshing treat is found all over the continent and beloved by all. It’s the perfect way to cool down on hot European summer days, and is often my go-to lunch in lieu of more traditional European cuisine during summer in Europe.

7. Relax at a rooftop pool

There are so many great cities to explore during your European travels, and often they are deserted in summer while locals and tourists flock to the seaside. I am always amazed by Europe’s secret hideaways that are often hidden in plain sight. Seek out a secret oasis in the city by finding a place to stay with a rooftop pool so you can stay cool while taking in some of Europe’s best cities from a totally new vantage point.

8. Eat al fresco

Dining al fresco is another favorite of mine. Food and wine just tastes different when enjoyed outside on a warm summer night. Whether dining at a café on a bustling city street, or retreating to your own private terrace, you’ll truly feel like you are embodying that European summer lifestyle when watch the sun go down while savoring a meal in the great outdoors.

9. Explore French village towns

french villages

Looking to get off the beaten path a bit? Some of the best European summer destinations are those that are a bit harder to find. As you know, I am a huge fan of France and all it has to offer. Though many of the more famous cities can get quite touristy year-round, many of the small villages in France don’t experience quite the same influx. There are so many to choose from throughout the country, and many require a car to get to, making them inaccessible for some travelers. If you are able to rent a car during your trip, the French countryside is waiting for you and the quaint village towns of France are not to be missed. You can easily visit one village after another while exploring the open markets, tasing the delicacies of the region and soaking up the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.

10. Rent a finca in Spain

While everyone has their own idea of a perfect vacation, in my opinion, the ultimate European summer getaway is renting a finca (or villa) in Spain. While I love roaming city streets, exploring new places and indulging in a bit of the party scene from time to time, I love nothing more than slowing down and savoring the wonderful summer in Europe at my own pace. Enjoying the quiet pace of the countryside, eating and drinking locally, and not having a set schedule is what I consider the perfect holiday and my idea of wellness travel. This is my favorite way to enjoy Europe in the summertime, and when I’m dreaming of European summer during those long winter days back home, this is what comes to my mind.

As you plan your summer travels and adventures in Europe, think about all that Europe has to offer and how you most want to spend your time. Depending on how long you are able to stay, you might be able to partake in any of these suggestions. Whatever you decide to do and however you travel, you are sure to have a memorable trip during one of the best times to visit Europe.

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